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Multiple field types in GraphQL


We can use the `union` type to ensure a field can return differing object types



Often times we will want to have multiple object types for a GraphQL field. In the above example, when we query a user by their username field, we would like to return either the user's id, or the actual User object. We can do this by defining a union type on line #2 called UserOrId. Fields with this type can either return a User object, or a UserId object. Note that, since GraphQL does not allow unions with scalar types (such as ID), we must define a custom UserId object. In general, we could chain any number of types together (i.e. Type1 | Type2 | Type3 | ...) as needed.


To query a union field, we use the ... on Type syntax as in lines #22 and #25, to determine what data we want depending on the object type that is returned. The __typename field is optional, but tells the client what type was returned by the query.

The official GraphQL docs and the Apollo docs have good overviews of union types.

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